Old Lighthouse - Nevada Sands

Old Lighthouse – Nevada Sand

Our Most Popular Style!!! This style blends smaller pieces of ledge-stone with bigger pieces of limestone. This is the perfect combination of stone to accent any home.

Limestone – Rawal Tan

Limestone – Rawal Tan

The Limestone – Rawal Tan showcased in this project, accentuates bigger, irregular shaped pieces of stone. The homeowners decided on the custom blend of colors to match the unique color scheme used on the exterior of their home.  This combination of color and style truly made this a one of a kind project.

Mountain Ledge - Axe Grey

Mountain Ledge – Axe Grey

The Mountain Ledge – Axe Grey used here utilizes a much smaller stone than the Old Lighthouse blend. By using smaller pieces of stone we are able to give this house a nice rustic look. The owners opted to use our most popular color, Axe Grey, which is a blend of Grey, Pewter and Black. This color scheme along with the Mountain Ledge style really pops with the white trim on the home.

Old Lighthouse w/ Fieldstone Blend

Old Lighthouse w/ Fieldstone Blend

This Old Lighthouse w/ Fieldstone blend is a perfect combination of the customer’s ideas and our expertise. We added a piece of Fieldstone to break up this Old Lighthouse style fireplace giving it a more rustic look. The customer opted for a custom color blend of Smoke, Brown Buff and Tennessee Stone made specifically to their specifications.

Old Lighthouse w/ Fieldstone - Shaded Springs

Old Lighthouse w/ Fieldstone – Shaded Springs

Using an Old Lighthouse style with a touch of Fieldstone for depth, this fireplace is truly beautiful. The customer went with a custom blend of Charlie Brown, Brown Buff, Grey and Black to really bring this project together.

Mountain Ledge - Custom Color

Mountain Ledge – Custom Color

This Is A Situation Where Color Means EVERYTHING! This customer went with a Mountain Ledge style and a custom color of 50% Black, 25% Pewter and 25% Grey to make a dramatic change to this beautiful fireplace. This Dark color scheme with White accents changes the whole dynamic of this room.